DeGarmo Moderates Panel with United Airlines and Frontier Communications at Talent Management Forum in Miami


DeGarmo recently had the pleasure of moderating a panel with Elisa Bannon-Jones (Chief Talent Officer, Frontier Communications) and Brendan Neuman (Manager, Talent Acquisition Programs, United Airlines) to explore what it takes to “Create a Business Case for Talent Management” at Consero’s Talent Management Forum in Miami, FL. Questions explored included… ›› How do you measure the financial impact of Talent Management? ›› What have you done to sell the value of Talent Management internally? ›› How are you using data and analytics to improve decision making? As Terrie Garner (Director, Talent Acquisition, Memorial Healthcare) noted the session was all about “Metrics, analytics, and great dialogue.” Some major takeaways included:

  • Create perspective and tell your story with reliable, hard data
  • Make your case to the business using metrics in a language they can relate to (e.g., increased sales; speak to the bottom line via ROI; dollars & cents)
  • Understand who key stakeholders are and how they make decisions
  • Find a champion for your strategy and generate quick wins

Brendan noted that sometimes it is important to use metrics to provide perspective to your own team to help others see how A connects to B. For example, if a recruiter wants you to use 40% of your advertising budget to help them to fill a role that only accounts for 15% of hires then you have to help your team see why that doesn’t work very well from a business perspective. Brendan emphasized how the use of HR data has consistently helped him to make the case for changes to United’s hiring practices for certain roles. He has found that leadership is responsive when he provides reliable, hard data. Chad Carlile (Senior Consultant, DeGarmo) reinforced Brendan’s points noting that, now more than ever, HR and Talent Management leaders need to utilize analytics to show impact using the language of the business. For example, Anthony Adorno (Director, Consulting Services, DeGarmo) and Elisa are working on a project to help bring efficiency to Frontier Communication’s interviewing process. As part of the plan, there is consideration to implement fairly simple interview scheduling technology. This technology can save up to 10-15 minutes of coordinator time across over 3000 interviews. The proposed time savings adds up to hard data and metrics that leadership will pay attention to with the potential to generate a quick win for the project. DeGarmo aims to provide thought leadership and keep others up-to-date on best practices so our team was thrilled to see others like Diane Klein (Senior Director, Human Resources, BBYO) note that the session was “Helpful and gave (her) things to think about.” Let us know if we can help you explore how to make the case for talent management in 2017! (Not quite ready, but want to learn more about how we can help you create the case in 2017? Learn more about how DeGarmo has partnered with other businesses to do so @   Your Talent Assessment Team! DeGarmo