Talent Acquisition Strategy

Does your organization consistently have the caliber of people it needs, at the right time in the right roles? Establishing a strategy to attract, engage, and retain top talent is critical to achieving organizational business objectives. DeGarmo can help you develop this strategy and outline the strategic plan designed to support your business goals and drive business outcomes. By focusing on aligning talent strategy with business objectives, we help turn your talent acquisition function into a true strategic, consultative business partner that drives the success of your organization.


Key Features


Understand business strategy impact



Identify the organizational capabilities required



Identify talent implications



Identify gaps, key priorities and barriers to success



Evaluate optimal organizational structure of Talent Acquisition function





  • Link talent strategy to business strategy
  • Transform Talent Acquisition from reactive and tactical to proactive and strategic
  • Optimize talent acquisition for competitive advantage
  • Provide focus and clear priorities for HR and TA teams
  • Increase recruiter productivity and engagement
  • Improve ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent to drive business success


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