Take the guesswork out of hiring top performing associates. Our line of award-winning simulation assessments are direct measures of performance for a variety of entry-level and leadership positions.


Predict Success With Simulation

  • Accurately assesses skills by requiring applicants to perform key job tasks
  • Is proven to predict job performance with unparalleled accuracy
  • Provides a realistic preview of the job leading to improved job readiness and retention
  • Reduces hiring time and costs
  • Supports both on-site and remote testing
  • Provides a consistent, fair, and legally-defensible process
  • Identifies applicants with the greatest potential for success.

Why Simulation?

It Works.

Pilots, surgeons, and astronauts use simulation for one simple reason—it works. Let simulation work for your company too. When the cost of making a mistake is high, only the power of EASy Simulations provide a direct measure of performance.

It’s Real.

With EASy Simulations, candidates perform actual job tasks. By immersing candidates in the job, they have a realistic preview of the job, and you have a realistic preview of the candidate.

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