How are you identifying talent and building your workforce?


DeGarmo’s platform was created by talent experts to innovate the assessment space. Our goal is to provide business leaders with the insights they need to build the best prepared and engaged workforce possible.

DeGarmo’s Selection application allows you to quickly and effectively assess internal and external talent against core job requirements. You can evaluate talent based on their alignment with key performance drivers, and access on-demand custom screener and assessment content with points and clicks. Our predictive analytics team works closely with clients to maximize the effectiveness of our solutions, and the productivity of its talent.

Key Features

  • Mobile-optimized assessments to reach a broader network
  • Standard and custom assessment configurations
  • User-friendly hiring reports available instantly
  • Seamless integration with your applicant tracking system
  • Dynamically generated interview guides
  • Employment branding
  • Translation for over 80 different languages


  • Higher retention and performance among top talent
  • Reduce time to fill positions internally and externally
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses on key talent elements
  • Participant friendly process that builds your employment brand
  • Understand key differentiators for performance and engagement
  • Predictive analytics and insights to optimize long-term effectiveness

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