Press Release – DeGarmo Integrates HR Avatar Assessments into Its Dynamic Platform


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DeGarmo Integrates HR Avatar Assessments into Its Dynamic Platform

DeGarmo set to incorporate HR Avatar’s world-class assessments into its assessment platform.


BLOOMINGTON, IL— October 2020DeGarmo announced today that it has entered a new partnership with HR Avatar, adding over 200 additional assessment options to its advanced assessment platform.


DeGarmo is a talent assessment consulting organization and creators of the Fit Index® Assessment Platform. “HR Avatar assessments can easily be administered to candidates right alongside DeGarmo’s assessments,” according to Chad Carlile, Senior Consultant at DeGarmo. “This will allow our clients to add a wide variety of skill-based assessments to their hiring process, all from one provider.”


HR Avatar administers online pre-employment selection tests and video interviews to job candidates and provides detailed reports to recruiters and hiring managers. According to Mike Russiello, President and CEO of HR Avatar, “We’re excited to add our array of innovative assessment tools to DeGarmo’s lineup, which can only enhance their existing reputation for precisely matching a customer’s assessment needs with the right products.” HR Avatar serves thousands of customers in more than 100 countries.


The integration of additional HR Avatar assessments into DeGarmo’s platform allows clients to combine a wide variety of assessments to support candidate selection. Additionally, clients can take advantage of exciting features such as online proctoring and AI driven technologies.


About DeGarmo: DeGarmo is a recruitment, assessment and consulting organization that has provided services globally for more than 20 years. DeGarmo helps organizations identify the best talent in less time through recruitment optimization, superior assessments, and predictive analytics. Our solutions provide the talent intelligence you need to make better selection decisions, support effective coaching, and drive the development of your people.


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