On-Demand Recruiting

During times of unexpected hiring or high growth, internal recruiters can quickly become overloaded with open reqs. Business as usual doesn’t stop though, and recruiters are still expected to manage their current positions along with the additional roles. DeGarmo can quickly provide the scalability and support you need to supplement your internal recruiting team. With our On-Demand turn-key managed service you’ll be able to support the extra load and keep things running smoothly.


Key Features


Turn-key, managed recruiting and sourcing resource available on demand



Rapid implementation



Present slate of high quality candidates



Scalable support



Expert recruiters function as extension of your internal team



Dedicated project management



  • Flexible, scalable recruiting model to support rapid changes in hiring demand or internal bandwidth constraints
  • Assistance when you need it without long term multi-year contracts
  • Our expert recruiters have access to expanded networks to more effectively reach passive candidates
  • Expert recruiters supplement the internal recruiting team, and focus on specialized roles or priority positions
  • Readily available pool of proven recruiters vs time spent finding independent contractors
  • Place the right talent in the right roles at the right time

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