mvp The Matched Values Profile™ is a web-delivered employment assessment designed to help improve talent acquisition through better alignment of employee & organization core work values. The MVP is a 55-item survey of work values that requires 25-30 minutes for completion. Scoring & reporting of applicants’ results is automated and provided immediately upon completion. The system works by comparing ratings of importance for eleven core work values such as Achievement, Orderliness & Power to those of the organization. The goal is to hire applicants who align well with the organization’s work values to improve job fit & performance long-term. DeGarmo Group works with executive leadership in each client organization to determine their custom MVP profile. This process is very efficient & produces a diagnostic report of core work values that informs the employee selection process as well as other important organizational development efforts. From entry-level to executive leadership positions, the MVP can be used to enhance the selection of employees to ensure greater organizational alignment & long-term success against valued performance metrics. The MVP can help to improve talent acquisition for every job, in every organization! A Weak Match is twice as likely to result in low levels of organizational commitment. Strong Match outcomes result in 37% fewer reports of turnover-related behaviors. Strong Match outcomes are 25% more likely to report high levels of job satisfaction. People who fail the MVP are two-and-a-half times more likely to engage in turnover-related behaviors. There is no evidence of adverse impact for the MVP.

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