Fit Index Assessment Overview

Who to Hire? DeGarmo Group specializes in applying the science of psychology to the practice of employment decision making. Take a look at a brief overview of the Fit Index and Fit Interview Systems.


DeGarmo Group has worked successfully with large and small organizations to help hire and retain the best talent available. To learn more, watch the testimonial video from US Cellular, AFNI, and TeleCourier.

Leveraging Work Value Alignment to Drive Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

During this session we discuss an approach to talent acquisition that focuses on employee-organization work value alignment as a mechanism for driving patient satisfaction. We’ll review issues related to healthcare staffing, and outcomes that can be achieved through an alternative talent acquisition strategy.

Reducing Employee Turnover in Front Line Jobs

Let’s face it, front-line, customer-facing jobs are challenging. During this session we’ll discuss those unique work tolerance characteristics that determine why some people fail while others succeed, so you can be equipped to make better hiring decisions. Learn how to analyze jobs for work tolerance demands and to use that information to improve your talent acquisition process!

Staffing for Work Value Alignment

Corporate work value alignment has been shown to increase job satisfaction and organizational commitment among employees, as well as decrease employee turnover. We will discuss the measurement of work values among leadership and employees, and practical approaches for improving alignment through talent acquisition.

Introducing the DPI and the End of Ordinary Personality Assessment

Learn about how DeGarmo Group has leveraged technology to advance the science of personality assessment with the DeGarmo Personality Inventory (DPI) by enabling the creation of custom profiles for every occupation. During the session we’ll talk about how job analysis drives the custom profile development process, and how organizations can profile candidates against multiple occupations at once. Finally, we’ll review how organizations can forecast leadership potential for every candidate who completes the DPI as well.