Metrics & Case Studies

DeGarmo's talent assessment platform is among the most powerful and effective tools for driving business results,
and its use reflects the value HR can provide to the organization.


Turnover Reduction

DeGarmo helped to significantly cut short-term turnover


Revenue Increase

Hourly revenue improvement among new sales associates


Improved Efficiency

Reduction in days-to-fill with DeGarmo assessment use


Performance Gain

Software profiles significant difference between top and bottom performers


Termination Decrease

Reduction in involuntary terminations with DeGarmo

Using DeGarmo’s Talent Assessment Strategy to Increase Non-Registered DCD Authorizations

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessments Enable Hotelier to Improve Employee Skills & Reduce Turnover

Assessment Platform Improves Sales Performance for Major Telecom

Using DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessment to Improve Talent Acquisition

"DeGarmo offers an exceptional combination of technical expertise, passion for their work and an unrivaled commitment to client satisfaction."

Brenden Neuman | Sr. Program Manager

at United Airlines

"DeGarmo has delivered world-class solutions with professionalism and I would recommend them to any organization that wants to elevate their talent selection processes."

Elisa Bannon-Jones | EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

at Frontier Communications

Utilizing DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessment

Credit Union Assessments Reduce Teller Turnover

DeGarmo’s Culture Fit Assessment is Key to Valued Outcome

DeGarmo’s Customized Assessment Provides Unique Yardstick to Measure Applicants

"DeGarmo allowed us to determine a candidate’s 'fit' with our roles and our cultures prior to offering a position. We saw a marked reduction in new hire turnover, which lowered our hiring and training costs, and improved the level of service we could offer our customers."

Brent Anderson | Global Recruiting Manager

at InterContinental Hotel Group

"DeGarmo offers us the technology, science and professional support that is rare among vendors of any kind. They understand our culture and partner with us at every turn."

Allan DeNiro | Chief People Officer

at Haverty Furniture Companies

DeGarmo Helps OCCM Standardize Hiring to Reduce Turnover

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessment Provides Tools to Make Successful Hires

Transparent Process & Seamless Implementation Impresses Client

Improving Hiring Practices & Managing the Employee Lifecycle

"DeGarmo has truly helped our ability to retain the brightest and best in the workforce."

Russell Nykaza | Vice President of Human Resources

at US Cellular

"With the use of the assessment, we have decreased turnover and we’ve been able to validate the process"

AmyJo Ganske-Derenne | VP-Lead Talent Acquisition Consultant

at Associated Bank

Assessment Platform Provides Tools to Make Successful Hires

DeGarmo platform provides assessments for over 50 different jobs

Using DeGarmo’s Talent Assessment Strategy to Reduce Turnover & Produce Quality Candidates

Simulation Assessment Streamlines Hiring Process

"This assessment is scary accurate. It is a major benchmark for hiring with our organization. I have had managers in the past “have a gut feeling” about a candidate and go against the assessment results. This almost always ends in disaster. The assessment is very, very accurate."

Chad Wester | Owner

at Boll Weevil Soap Company

"DeGarmo has helped us identify, develop and benchmark our high potential performers. Talent measurement data is now at the heart of our organization!"

Tracy Shansky | Director HRIS and Analytics

at One Call Care Management

Utilizing DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessment

Building a Pipeline with On-Demand Recruiting

DeGarmo’s Assessment Platform Provides Tools to Make Successful Hires

Fit Index® Assessments Reduce Turnover & Increases Productivity

"I would recommend the DeGarmo staff and products to anyone—you will be truly impressed!"

Morgan Dunn | Senior Human Resource Specialist

at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

"We place great importance on innovation and technology, and being able to take advantage of DeGarmo’s simulation is a great example."

Jennifer Little | Human Resources Recruiter

at Numerica Credit Union

Hospital Dramatically Reduces Voluntary Turnover and Upgrades Hiring Process

Profile Assessment Assists Housing Agency

Fit Index® Assessments Identify the Right Candidates

Assessment Platform Provides Tools to Make Successful Hires

"We have found candidates that are better suited to our business and we have seen our new hires performing better and staying longer in their roles. They are a terrific group, and we are glad to be partnered with them!"

Debra Swift | HR Director

at Zoom Management, LLC

"With DeGarmo’s help... Our turnover dropped dramatically. We are now at 7.6% voluntary attrition. I can’t say enough good about their team and the services they offer."

Anna Hayter | Director of Human Resources

at Wallowa Memorial Hospital

Interview Builder Improves Quality and Consistency

Assessment Platform Greatly Reduces Turnover

Assessment Platform Reduces Turnover, Saves Thousands


Retail Bank Hires Better, Reduces Employee Turnover

"DeGarmo was great at getting us set up on their system. Their training platform is efficient and easy to follow, and the customer service was excellent!"

Robin Martin | HR & AP Officer

at New Market Bank

"Using DeGarmo has enabled us to hire smarter, meaning we save money and retain employees. It truly gives you a brief look into the employee’s work style, especially if their work style fits with the team members and the position."

Amanda Zouroudis | HR Manager

at Kalorik


Streamlining Talent for Higher Retention and Performance

National Department Store Retailer Saves $500,000