Kiran Analytics Expands Talent Acquisition Solution with DeGarmo Partnership


Expanded recruiting solution will help retail banks hire better people faster for all branch positions, call center and back office operations Kiran Analytics – a leader in intelligent branch transformation – announced today the addition of the DeGarmo’s pre-employment assessments to Kiran’s talent acquisition solution specifically designed for retail banks. Kiran’s Recruiter product, to date, has been used for pre-screening over 2 million job seekers for branch positions like tellers and bankers. It is proven to increase quality of hire by 25 percent and improve retention rate by 12-15 percent for branch positions like personal bankers and tellers.

The DeGarmo’s pre-employment assessments have been delivered to millions of job candidates in various types of retail operations and call centers worldwide. They are proven to place candidates where they are more likely to succeed which ultimately increases workforce effectiveness and stability. Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics said, “This partnership is a significant and exciting step in completing our talent acquisition offerings for retail banks. With the addition of the DeGarmo’s assessments, we are able to expand the capabilities of our talent acquisition solution to measure cultural fit, work style fit, and work tolerance.” He added, “The DeGarmo has deep expertise in industrial organizational psychology combined with practical experience in applying talent acquisition to retail operations and call centers. With the addition of their assessment content, our customers will be able to hire better people faster for every job in their bank.” Anthony Adorno, DeGarmo’s Director of Consulting Services, said, “We are excited about teaming up with Kiran Analytics. Their expertise in retail banking, predictive analytics, and workforce optimization and our expertise in psychological measurement, leadership development, and validation research are quite complimentary”. He added, “With the integration of our assessment product content and interview guides, Kiran’s Recruiter will improve recruiter productivity and help align employee-organization core work values.” To learn more about Kiran’s expanded Recruiting solution, visit

About Kiran Analytics

Kiran Analytics drives intelligent branch transformation for retail banks through the application of predictive analytics, resulting in increased sales and service effectiveness, and reduced operational costs. Kiran’s workforce optimization solutions have been deployed in over 10,000 branches; helping forecast branch staff levels accurately, hire better people faster, and plan and schedule resources efficiently. Kiran Analytics is a member of Bank Administration Institute (BAI) and Consumer Bankers Association (CBA). For more information, visit

About DeGarmo

DeGarmo develops and distributes innovative talent assessment and development solutions to help clients maximize revenue growth, productivity, and workforce stability. Our award-winning pre-employment assessments, leadership assessments, and training solutions have been delivered to millions of job candidates worldwide through our talent platform, or through integrations with major applicant tracking system (ATS) providers. More than 10,000 HR professionals have received HRCI or SHRM certification credits through DeGarmo’s webinars on critical HR topics such as talent assessment, interviewing, leadership, turnover reduction, and culture fit.