How are you using data to better understand job requirements?


Job Analysis

Data can be an invaluable resource when making tough choices about job requirements, and specifically those work styles, competencies and related attributes that separate your top talent from everyone else. DeGarmo’s platform can provide you with the capability to quickly collect job analytic data, using fully mobile-optimized survey technology.

Whether your goal is as simple as determining key performance drivers for one job, or as complex as leveling jobs across your entire enterprise, DeGarmo’s platform can provide the data intelligence you need to support your decision strategy.



Key Features

  • Mobile-optimized survey technology
  • Standard and custom survey content
  • Point-and-click access to individual and aggregate data
  • Simple translation of job analysis data into custom talent assessment profiles
  • Messaging templates for survey distribution


  • Insights into key performance drivers and distractors
  • Data-driven decision making regarding role requirements
  • Align recruitment criteria with performance expectations
  • More effectively support your overall talent strategy
  • Discover talent gaps and development opportunities

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