How are you using technology to streamline your interviewing process?



Many organizations struggle with creating a consistent and defensible interview process, and very few have the metrics to show how interviewing leads to better hires.

DeGarmo’s interview manager allows clients to build custom interview guides quickly and effectively, stores interview guides in a library for access by others internally, and automatically creates interview analytics to drive the effectiveness of interviews over time.



Key Features

  • Quickly build interview guides with points-and-clicks
  • Store, access and manage interview guides in a library dedicated to your company
  • Build technical interview questions on-demand to assess specific role requirements
  • Leverage standard questions by competency or select from those in our question bank
  • Access interview guides that support both handwritten and directly typed notes
  • Structured scales provide interviewers with guidelines for making interview ratings
  • Interview data manager allows for storing and reporting of critical interview metrics

Potential Benefits

  • Defensible interview process that drives better decision making
  • Reduced subjectivity and greater control over interview questions and ratings
  • Standardization of interview content across interviewers
  • Consistent candidate experience that reflects well on the organization
  • Interviews focused on gathering information that really matters

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