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DeGarmo’s assessments drive sales performance & operational efficiency for telecoms.

Using DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessments for Telecommunication Solutions

Today’s Telecommunication companies serve customers with a variety of B2B and B2C needs. Selling products and services to such varied groups requires hiring and assembling sales teams with different personality and competency strengths. Hiring the most qualified sales and service representatives who can meet these performance goals can be optimized with industry-leading employment assessments.

New hires perform 25% better when using our assessments

First year turnover in new hires decreased by 70%

Decreased ramp up time for new hires from 90 to 30 days

Improve Your Talent Selection Process with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments are scientifically developed to quickly identify an individual’s strengths, work styles, and motivations, as well as their overall fit for the job. The assessments provide information related to an applicant’s experience and engagement levels with core job competencies and how they align with job requirements. Each assessment also includes behavioral-based interview guides with structured questions unique to the job.

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments can help you reduce your ramp-up time for new hires, consistently reach your sales and service targets and improve short and long-term retention rates. Contact DeGarmo today and start improving your talent selection process.

“This process brings the most qualified candidates to hiring leaders more quickly, giving them confidence to make a selection with data. The art (interview) blends with the science (profile).”
-Elisa Bannon-Jones, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

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