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DeGarmo’s platform offers retail businesses on-demand and mobilized optimized assessments.

Using DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessments for Retail Solutions

Today’s well-informed consumers are changing how retailers advertise and sell their products and services now more than ever. This change in consumer behavior indicates that retailers need to hire associates who are adaptable and influential in consumer purchasing decisions. Additionally, sales effectiveness in commission-based roles directly correlates with employee retention. Retailers need to hire intelligently to ensure organizational growth and workforce stability.

Reach a broader market to find the right candidates

Enhance your application process & improve the candidate experience

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Streamline Your Talent Assessment Process with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments help retail organizations identify top-tier sales and service associates in less time with a mobile-friendly candidate apply process and automated tools that get the best talent in front of hiring managers quickly. Our talent assessments have significantly reduced employee turnover in these critical roles while driving hourly sales revenue up 32%.

If you are looking to streamline your hiring practices in retail operations contact us today. Let DeGarmo help you identify, develop and retain top-tier talent to meet these evolving needs.

“DeGarmo has been a preferred partner of ours for more than 5 years. We rely on them to keep us on the front lines of this type of technology and business practices.”
-Allan DeNiro, Chief People Officer at Haverty Furniture Companies

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