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DeGarmo helps identify qualified candidates for Non-profit organizations.

Using DeGarmo's Fit Index® Assessments for Non-Profit Solutions

Limited resources and overburdened or nonexistent HR staff cause many non-profit organizations (NPOs) to struggle to identify top-tier talent accurately and efficiently. They also face competition from other organizations, with fewer budget constraints, to recruit and attract talent with the best job- and culture-fit. NPOs need to leverage technology in innovative ways to help make hiring more efficient so the best-qualified candidates can be identified quickly and moved through the talent acquisition process.

Reach a broader market to find the right candidates

Enhance your application process & improve the candidate experience

Monitor your talent assessment account any time

Streamline Your Talent Assessment Process with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

With DeGarmo’s talent platform, NPOs can use automated technology to assess and prioritize job candidates across several roles and customize assessment profiles to easily identify their ideal candidates. DeGarmo’s Fit Index® system can provide managers with interview questions to help ensure consistency and fairness in the hiring process. Additionally, DeGarmo’s SaaS-based pricing model (complete with NPO discounts) provides a consistent and cost-effective solution that is budget-friendly.

By using DeGarmo’s hiring technology, NPOs can move candidates through the hiring process more quickly, reduce employee turnover, and help reduce spend on recruiting and training activities. Contact us today and learn how DeGarmo can help you achieve your organization’s goals.

“Working with the DeGarmo has always been a wonderful experience. I appreciate their outstanding customer service, the ease of use of their products, and the very positive results that we have achieved, thanks to their help.”
-Kevin R. Panet Human Resources Manager, Tierra Del Sol

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