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DeGarmo solutions have provided talent intelligence globally to manufacturing companies of all sizes for 20+ years.

Using DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessments for Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing organizations experience periods of talent shortages due to a lack of skilled workers and the perception that available jobs are physically challenging. However, as manufacturing roles continue to evolve and incorporate more smart technology, so do the competencies and behavioral traits of ideal job candidates.

Better understanding of potential candidates

Identify strong person-job alignment

Reduce turnover, increase employee engagement & commitment

Evaluate Talent Better and Faster with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

DeGarmo has worked successfully with leading manufacturing organizations to develop assessment profiles that incorporate emerging job competencies. Our Fit Index® assessment technology enables manufacturers to emphasize key competencies and behavioral traits that are essential for success in a variety of roles. Not only do manufacturers understand that DeGarmo’s assessment technology provides the best opportunity to evaluate talent, but it also provides a great candidate experience with a mobile-friendly interface.

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“Using DeGarmo has enabled us to hire smarter, meaning we save money and retain employees.”
-Amanda Zouroudis, Kalorik, HR Manager

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