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DeGarmo provides comprehensive results, improving culture fit for the healthcare industry and patient satisfaction.

Using DeGarmo's Fit Index® Assessments for Healthcare

The healthcare industry faces tremendous challenges in recruiting, selecting, and retaining professionals in skilled positions. Additionally, employee turnover represents a significant financial burden for organizations that directly impacts profitability. Research by DeGarmo has demonstrated that using Fit Index® hiring technology can improve both organizational commitments as well as employee engagement.

Create assessments that uphold your organization’s culture standards

Healthcare organizations have reduced turnovers from 15-20% down to 7.5%

Improve patient satisfaction through workforce stability & consistency in care delivery

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Drives Organizational Commitment and Employee Engagement

Employees who align well with your organization’s core beliefs tend to reinforce important business practices that impact overall patient satisfaction. DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments can quickly identify how well an individual fits a specific role, and how well they align with your organization more generally.

Hiring the right people can be a challenge for any business. Leading healthcare organizations trust DeGarmo to help them identify and hire professionals in roles such as billing specialists, medical assistants, patient financial advisors, nurses, and more.

DeGarmo can help you take the guesswork out of hiring with our innovative and predictive talent assessments. Work smarter, not harder.

“Our turnover dropped dramatically. With DeGarmo’s help, we have elevated our interview process and developed a deeper level of understanding with our current team. I can’t say enough good about their team and the services they offer."
-Anna Hayter, Director of Human Resources, Wallowa Memorial Hospital

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