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DeGarmo helps identify qualified candidates for Contact Centers making it easier to hire the best in less time.

Using DeGarmo's Fit Index® Assessments for Contact Center Solutions

Contact center operations have consistently struggled to balance quality service delivery with workforce stability. Voluntary turnover rates in contact center roles are among the highest of any industry, making profitable, high quality service delivery a challenge. These customer-facing agents-operating in sales, service, and collections roles- arguably have the single greatest impact on customers' impressions of an organization's products and services. Therefore, it is imperative for these organizations to excel at quickly identifying and hiring the best possible talent. Unfortunately, many organizations use little beyond a poorly designed and inconsistently administered job interview to make hiring decisions.

Voluntary turnover reduced by more than 50%

Short-term turnover reduced by 24%

40% increase in cash collected per hour

Streamline Your Talent Assessment Process with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

For more than 20 years, DeGarmo has worked with in-house and outsourced contact center operations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their hiring practices. Our Fit Index® talent assessments are specifically designed to identify turnover risk among job applicants by profiling their reactions to job activities and situations. Our mobile-optimized, candidate friendly assessments make it easy for recruiters to quickly prioritize and hire the best in less time.

“DeGarmo has helped us identify, develop and benchmark our high potential performers. Talent measurement data is now at the heart of our organization!”
-Tracy Shansky, Director HRIS and Analytics, One Call Care Management

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