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DeGarmo streamlines talent assessments for growing banks and credit unions globally.

Using DeGarmo's Fit Index® Assessments for Banking & Finance Solutions

The rapidly changing retail banking landscape means that organizations need to be more dynamic in their selection of talent—especially for customer-facing roles. DeGarmo has partnered with leading banking and financial services organizations to create hiring profiles that meet those evolving needs.

Better hiring decisions that reduce employee turnover

Provide effective tools to recruiters and hiring managers

Improve and streamline your hiring process

Identify the Best Talent in Less Time with DeGarmo’s Fit Index®

DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments are designed to identify the best talent in less time, which our partners in the banking industry value. Recruiters and hiring managers trust DeGarmo’s Fit Index® assessments and predictive analytics because they are scientifically based and data driven.

Our successful partnerships, both domestically and internationally, have enabled clients to effectively hire, coach, and develop their retail banking talent at all levels. DeGarmo can improve your talent acquisition practice for bank tellers, universal bankers, or any other retail banking role. Learn more about us today!

“When we completed the validation process, it was spot on for the tellers. By having the assessment, our managers now have an interview guide which zeroes in on areas of concern.”
-Amy Jo Ganske-Derenne, VP-Lead Talent Acquisition Consultant

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