How are you identifying and supporting high potential employees in your organization?


High Potentials

Identifying future leaders within your organization is a necessary practice in today’s workplace. However, many companies often rely primarily on subjective measures to identify their HiPos, and HiPos can fall short of achieving their full potential due to a lack of information about how to help them grow.

DeGarmo’s High Potential platform was created to provide better insights into your current or future employees. Quickly establish a talent profile that clarifies performance drivers and derailers, and strengthen your HiPo identification process with more objective data points.



Key Features

  • Mobile-optimized assessments
  • Quickly build an ideal HiPo profile with points-and-clicks
  • In-depth HiPo alignment reports available instantly
  • Feedback on derailers and development opportunities
  • Seamless integration with your HRIS

Potential Benefits

  • Build leadership bench strength
  • Add more objective data to your HiPo identification process
  • Higher retention among top talent
  • Align performance expectations between HiPos and leaders
  • Strengthen the alignment of talent with your organization’s core competencies and strategy

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