Goal Setting – How Are You Going to Get That Done?


This week we had an unusually early snow fall, as did much of the Midwest. Seasonal changes help me mark the time passing and I was shocked to realize that there are only 6 weeks left in 2013! Where had the year gone? What happened to all the goals I set for myself and my organization earlier in the year? These are the challenges of working in your business versus on your business.

As you think about the last 6 weeks of this year, what do you still want to accomplish before January 1, 2014? What do you wish you had accomplished this year that didn’t get done? Think back to when the year was shiny and new – did you set any New Year’s Resolutions? It could be professional (sell a certain amount of contracts, finish or further your education, launch a new product or service line) or it could be personal (lose X pounds, get out of debt, finally deal with that clutter problem).

Think about it – what would make you proud of yourself?

Now, how are you going to get that done? Why will 2014 be any different than 2013? Anyone who has taken Psychology 101 can tell you that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If you haven’t been disciplined enough to finish your education up to now, you probably won’t. If you are not a person who routinely works out, it is not likely that you will make it a habit now. Unless… you work with an accountability partner – i.e., a coach.

What is executive coaching? Executive coaching is a process in which a coach works with a leader to help them move forward toward their goals, hold them accountable for their actions, and help generate momentum. Imagine what it would be like if you could arrive at each meeting full of focus, enthusiasm, energy, and drive!

The beauty of coaching is that one person on your team can make a difference in the lives of the other team members. Think about a time when one member of your team brought their “A game” to the meeting. We’ve all seen that how that one person’s professional passion can influence the entire team’s morale, which in turn can increase productivity, which contributes to the profits of the business.

Teams and small businesses are complex systems – are yours moving in the right direction? Executive coaches are trained with proven frameworks and models to help leaders implement action plans to produce positive, lasting change. They challenge leaders to broaden their thinking about themselves, others, and situations to better deal with the tough times. Coaches help leaders improve their performance and improve their chances for successfully meeting targets and goals.

Executive coaching can be an eye-opening experience, both for the leader, and their team. And it doesn’t matter how large or small a company is, or how long it has been open. Executive coaching can help any leader to become aware of how their personality and behavior impacts others, and that leads to a happier team.

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