DeGarmo Webinar – Encore Presentation – Working Remotely: Paths to Success


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**This is an encore session for those who could not previously attend.**

*This session is pre-approved for 1 HRCI or SHRM business credit.

Presenter: Kathleen Melcher

Session Description:

Many employees and leaders have been thrust into working remotely (or working from home) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may be working from home temporarily, while for others, this may be the start of an extended, or even permanent, new-normal. This can drastically impact employees as well as the leaders who manage them. Work is an essential part of our lives, and many of us find great pride and achievement in our jobs and careers. Having that work reduced, eliminated, or drastically changed disrupts the routine we have been operating under which can throw off productivity. However, having tools and suggestions for how to manage the change can help us maintain a positive outlook and successfully create a functional new routine.

What we hope to share in this session are some suggestions for both employees and their leaders for how to maximize the potential for being productive and eliminating the stress that comes with having to adapt to a sudden change in circumstances. We will discuss potential pitfalls for both employees and leaders to watch out for as they transition to working from home and share stories of success and personal anecdotes to help illustrate how to avoid – or overcome – these obstacles.


What will participants learn?

1)  How to identify potential pitfalls, and how to adjust to them in order to increase success from both the employee’s and leader’s perspective.    

2)  Options to help stay productive while working under new/different circumstances.

3)  Strategies for keeping employees and leaders connected while working apart.


Who should attend?

1)  Employees who currently work from home.

2)  Employees who are likely to work from home in the future.

3)  Leaders who are/will be managing employees working from home.