DeGarmo Presents Paper on the Architecture of Job Competencies


John Binning, DeGarmo’s Director of Research & Development, presented a paper on the Architecture of Job Competencies at the Annual Conference for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Philadelphia. The press paragraph for the paper is provided below. The popularity of competency modeling initiatives among HR professionals and business leaders is widely recognized. Given the influential growth of the competency movement in the past 30 years, it is scientifically and professionally sobering to realize that one of the most recurring comments in the competency modeling literature refers to the lack of a coherent definition of competencies. To bring conceptual coherence to this area, we elaborate a model of competencies that distinguishes them from other psychological constructs. We propose a model of the causal constituents that comprise competencies, and describe the ways that competencies are nomologically unique. Please contact to request a copy of the full paper.

About DeGarmo:

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