DeGarmo Partners with IMS


DeGarmo is very pleased to announce that we have begun working with Industrial Metal Supply Co. (IMS). IMS is a full line metal distributor serving the needs of metal users throughout Southern California and Arizona since 1948. IMS contacted DeGarmo because they were seeking a pre-hire assessment solution that could be configured to assess their specific roles, with benchmarks driven by the people who do the job today – actual IMS employees. DeGarmo is doing just that, by building custom benchmark profiles for roles such as Material Handler, Driver, Inside Sales, and more.  IMS is also utilizing cognitive and skill-based assessments that are available via the DeGarmo platform. In addition, IMS is gaining automation and efficiency improvements by integrating the DeGarmo solution with their Applicant Tracking System.

About Industrial Metal Supply Co.: 

“Industrial Metal Supply Company (IMS) is a full line metal distributor serving Southern California and Arizona metal users in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, Phoenix, and Tucson. Since 1948, the company has grown to become a respected aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass supplier by combining a wide range of products and services with customer-focused support. Read on to learn how the company’s extensive inventory, robust production capabilities and exceptional customer service have evolved over six-plus decades of growth”

Learn more about IMS here!

About DeGarmo:

DeGarmo is a recruitment, assessment and consulting organization that has provided services globally for more than 20 years. DeGarmo helps organizations identify the best talent in less time through recruitment optimization, On-Demand recruiting, superior assessments, and predictive analytics. Our solutions provide the talent intelligence you need to make better selection decisions, support effective coaching, and drive the development of your people. With talent insights from DeGarmo, you can more effectively build talent pipelines and support the long-term growth of your business.