DeGarmo Unveils Innovative Assessment for Custom Personality Profiling and Dynamic Interview Generation


Bloomington, IL – DeGarmo (, a global provider of talent acquisition solutions, today announced the release of their work style assessment that advances the science of personality by enabling organizations to create and use custom personality profiles for every occupation, and supports dynamic interview production based on assessment data.

Talent acquisition professionals understand that the goal of the hiring process is to find candidates who best align with the unique demands and requirements of a specific job. To that end, DeGarmo offers occupation-specific profiling for the platform at no additional cost. The solution leverages two primary options for creating custom profiles. Organizations can quickly and efficiently collect survey data from SMEs using the DeGarmo Personality Requirements Form (DPRF), or they can use standard occupation data from the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database. According to Anthony Adorno, Director of Consulting Services for DeGarmo  “Historically, personality assessments have provided general information about a person; but not relative to the specific personality requirements of a job.” Our assessment advances personality by weighting personality information differently based on how important it is to job performance. “By integrating our job analysis and assessment systems, we’re able to provide a flexible, intelligent, and highly customizable solution for organizations that is appropriate for talent acquisition in all occupations, at every level” said Adorno. The solution supports profiling job candidates across several occupations at once to help organizations better align talent with available positions. That is, through “comparison reporting” a hiring manager can easily tell which of several occupations an applicant aligns with the best. Once an assessment has been completed, organizations can generate compatibility reports for any available occupation for that candidate, as well as for subscales such as leadership potential. Dynamic interview content generation based on assessment data is the final component of the solution. Based on assessment data, organizations can streamline the interview process to focus on specific personality characteristics critical to job performance.

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About DeGarmo:

DeGarmo develops and distributes innovative talent assessment and development solutions to help clients maximize revenue growth, productivity, and workforce stability. Our award-winning pre-employment assessments, leadership assessments, and training solutions have been delivered to millions of job candidates worldwide through our talent platform, or through integrations with major applicant tracking system (ATS) providers. More than 11,000 HR professionals have received HRCI or SHRM certification credits through DeGarmo’s webinars on critical HR topics such as talent assessment, interviewing, leadership, turnover reduction, and culture fit.