DeGarmo Presents Workforce Analytics Insights at SIOP 2015


Thought leadership was provided by John Binning, DeGarmo’s Director of Research & Development, in a session titled, “Workforce Analytics’ Impact on Validating Employee Selection Procedures” at the 2015 annual conference of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Philadelphia. John called attention to and concern for the need for coherent thinking and scientific rigor when analyzing and evaluating reams of big data. Modern workforce analytics provide opportunities like never before, but we must understand the relationships we are evaluating. While it may seem interesting to some to explore the relationships between shoe size and job performance it remains critical that we understand why shoe size is or isn’t important and why we should be evaluating something like shoe size at all in reference to job performance. How is shoe size job related? At the core of applied prediction is the discovery of replicable cause-effect relationships, but that is not enough. Applied science seeks to understand these causes, not just discover them. Developing sound explanations for predictions and validating these explanations is the focus of defensible applied psychology. The complexity and sheer volume of data available today dramatically increases the challenges placed on talent assessment professionals to understand the complexity of their decision systems.

About DeGarmo:

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