DeGarmo Announces New Event Sponsor


Bloomington, IL – DeGarmo ( is proud to announce today that The Kartheiser Group at Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management will sponsor its June 9th webinar titled “Forge Organizational Vision through Leadership”.  The webinar, which has been pre-approved for strategic HRCI credit, focuses on leveraging transformational leadership (TL) to engage employees, harness employees’ initiative, and achieve innovative solutions to business problems. For more information, or to register for the webinar, please visit:

About DeGarmo

DeGarmo develops and distributes innovative talent assessment and development solutions to help clients maximize revenue growth, productivity, and workforce stability. Our award-winning pre-employment assessments, leadership assessments, and training solutions have been delivered to millions of job candidates worldwide through our talent platform, or through integrations with major applicant tracking system (ATS) providers. More than 10,000 HR professionals have received HRCI or SHRM certification credits through DeGarmo’s webinars on critical HR topics such as talent assessment, interviewing, leadership, turnover reduction, and culture fit.

About The Kartheiser Group at Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management

The Kartheiser Group at Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning for corporate leadership teams. This is a company sponsored benefit that focuses on the specific wealth management needs of successful executives. The team provides a financial planning benefit for executives to help organizations create a competitive executive compensation package and attract and retain top talent. The Kartheiser Group’s goal is to be a family office for your top executives, allowing them to focus on their professional responsibilities.  The Kartheiser Group provides executive level services within Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Connection program which is a three tier financial wellness financial planning program that can be rolled out to an entire organizations employees.

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