How are you providing insights to support the coaching process?




It’s essential that your organization provides insights to employees and their leadership to facilitate a successful coaching experience. By sharing essential information, you’ll be in a better position to speed time to employee productivity and increase engagement. DeGarmo’s Coaching application allows you to gain insight into individuals’ strengths and growth opportunities, better understand each employee’s performance motivators and derailers, and provide more enriching and engaging opportunities for each employee.




Key Features

  • Objective, assessment-driven insights
  • Mobile-optimized participant experience
  • Individual reports available instantly
  • Feedback on motivators, derailers, strengths, and growth opportunities
  • Seamless integration with your HRIS or related platform if desired


  • Higher retention and performance among top talent
  • Speed time to employee productivity
  • Identify developmental needs to target training
  • Create better awareness among leadership to facilitate employee coaching and support
  • Facilitate collaboration among managers and their new hires on goals and opportunities



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