Talent Strategy Tips

Are you helping your talent to manage change?


A structured change management system is important to improving your talent and business strategy and how talent interacts with change. However, in a recent survey of 371 HR professionals, 77% reported that they do not use a structured change management system when implementing change.


Many HR professionals may not fully understand how to get talent on board with the change through structured change management, so here is a recommendation to get you going… Help talent get on board. Explain to employees the need for change, share a picture of what the change will look like, and reinforce employees for implementing the change…..and have a systematic, structured plan in place with relevant steps to help you do so! Three key questions to ask to help talent make the change:

  1. What is most important about this change? That is, how does it impact talent directly?
  2. What does the change require at the individual level and how does the individual level interact with the organizational and enterprise levels?
  3. How can I help talent see effective change management and positive outcomes associated with it? Can I provide ongoing updates and relevant reports with impactful data?