Talent Strategy Tips

Does your organization’s talent strategy align with its business strategy?



  Aligning your organizations’ core business strategy and your talent strategy can have a major impact on the success of your organization, yet in a recent survey of 371 mostly HR professionals 78% indicated that they have not worked with key stakeholders to do so! Budget certainly plays a role in working towards these objectives, but a large number of HR professionals lack the knowledge to confidently implement a talent strategy that will align with core business objectives.  Below are some tips to get started:
  1. Communicate with your executives and key stakeholders to determine the core business objectives looking forward. ….Be sure you have a seat at the table!
  2. Find alignment between business and talent strategy to generate some “quick wins” and show the business how talent strategy can meet business needs. This will increase the confidence of executives and key stakeholders to increase the talent strategy budget.
  3. To drive the success of those quick wins be sure they are being translated to outcome relevant to the business. Can you determine the ROI of your talent strategy projects?
  4. Wash. Repeat. And make sure you are thinking outside-in! How is your talent strategy impacting your primary consumer? ….the business wants to know!
Four basic questions to ask to get started with your executives and your key stakeholders: horn
  1. What are the core business objectives?
  2. How is our talent strategy aligning with core business objectives?
  3. Are we thinking business related outcomes that matter to key stakeholders
  4. Can we think outside-in?