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Profile Assessment Assists Housing Agency

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) provides housing resources to low and moderate income families through a number of different housing programs. OHFA operates in all 77 Oklahoma counties, providing assistance that helps families pay rent or purchase their first home. OHFA also works with nonprofit organizations, developers and municipalities to bring quality housing opportunities to communities across the state.



The Challenge

OHFA was having trouble finding people who would fit with the organization once hired. “Our main challenge was obtaining qualified applicants for our positions. They might look good on paper, but lacked the skills necessary for the position. They would interview well, but once on the job, they either did not fit in with the team, or have the skills and abilities (even at entry level) to make decisions, communicate with our clients, or have the computer skills required,” noted Linda Sargent, Director of Human Resources for OHFA. “Rather than tools and technology, OHF has to face the challenges of budget cuts. We operate under federal funding; therefore, we are faced with extensive budget cuts for our programs,” explained Sargent. Using DeGarmo’s assessment products helps address this challenge by identifying those candidates with the best fit, so that time and resources are spent only on those candidates likely to fit the needs of the organization. DeGarmo was able to help OHFA leverage assessment technology to enhance the talent profiling process in an efficient and effective manner.

Assessment Strategy

DeGarmo recommended a customizable work style assessment to measure person-job fit to help screen out high turnover risk job applicants. This assessment platform is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated candidate profiling systems on the market. Through the use of an innovative competency weighting system, the system can evaluate an applicant’s alignment with critical requirements for any job. “The assessment test was more of what we were looking for in terms of comparisons and benchmarking tools. It was easy to administer and did not require a lot of time, if any, once we had the applicants set up through email. It was then just a matter of printing out the results and have them in a timely manner for the interview process,” explained Sargent.

Profile Build

The design of any well-constructed and legally-defensible talent assessment solution begins with a job analysis-based profile build. DeGarmo’s platform offers customization driven by subject matter experts (SMEs) who independently rate the importance of key job behaviors to successful job performance. DeGarmo’s process is designed to understand the drivers of success (and failure) at the behavioral level, based on actual job requirements. DeGarmo and OHFA worked cooperatively to ensure that profiles established based on standard occupational data for a number of different positions met the specific role requirements of Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency’s organization.

Assessment Administration & Outcomes

OHFA was impressed with the results and level of service offered by DeGarmo. As noted by Sargent, “The DeGarmo representatives were always available by phone when I had questions in setting up the programs, printing out the results, etc. When I was having difficulty interpreting the scores and what they meant, I had a discussion with one of the representatives …but my supervisors were also a little confused. I made arrangements for the representative to come for two days and give an overall supervisory training to staff on the test and what to look for and possible interview techniques. The training was very informative and helpful.” Additionally, “The training really assisted my supervisors in understanding and interpreting the test scores and how they fit into the overall interview and ranking process,” explained Sargent. DeGarmo has helped OHFA become more efficient in their overall selection system process, as noted by Sargent: “Our hiring process from start to finish is shorter and so when we call to make an offer, people are still available. Prior to this helping to shorten our process, we would call to make an offer only to find the applicant had accepted another position. In addition, the people we have hired seem very satisfied with their position, the people they work with, and the overall organization. They are quick to express opinions when asked and look at processes for improvement.”

“Since we started using the assessment test tool, our new-hires have seemed to fit more quickly into the organization and the tasks that need to be performed. The people we have hired have embraced our culture, are dependable and have the foundation of skills that we need and are faster in learning the skills that we need to teach for the program they are hired for.”


Client Service & Attention

Regarding DeGarmo’s level of service and commitments to clients, Sargent offered detailed praise for the company: “When I began looking for a new tool to assess new applicants for positions, I don’t even remember where I heard about DeGarmo, but I made the call to get some information. I was pleased with the response of staff; not only did I receive general information on the phone, but I received a packet of information outlining the product. A few days later I was called back to see if I had any questions. I did. After doing research and checking my budget, I discovered that the tool was better than what I was currently using. I was able to go on-line and see how it worked and ended up purchasing the product. Anytime I have had to call, my representative is able to answer my questions and resolve any issues I might have quickly. The in-person training was done by a very personable young man, who was very knowledgeable, had a background to be able to converse on any problem or issue that my supervisors might face in the interview process and was able to give examples and switch up the training to invoke participation.”

“I was pleased with the response of the staff.

This is a great company to partner with.”


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