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OCCM Standardizes Hiring and Reduces Employee Turnover

One Call Care Management (OCCM) is the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. One Call’s solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care. One Call provides reliable, consistent connections to care with expertise in high end diagnostics, physical therapy and transportation services, post-discharge home care and durable medical equipment, dental and doctor specialty services, complex care management, and the language services required for today’s multicultural workforce.



The Challenge

According to OCCM representatives, the organization had a very high turnover rate for customer service and agent related positions. “When we first reached out to the DeGarmo Group, we were in search of a product that would allow us to better screen candidates that would be a better fit for our positions, which would in turn reduce our turnover rates” said Tracy Shansky, Director HRIS & Analytics. OCCM also wanted the talent assessment solution fully integrated into their existing ATS platform (MyStaffingPro), with candidate data immediately available to recruiters upon assessment completion. Further, they wanted the ability to access behavioral interview guides based on assessment results for each candidate.

Assessment Strategy & Key Differentiators

DeGarmo recommended a combination of work style and simulation assessments to measure person-job fit and screen core work skills. The DeGarmo assessment platform is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated candidate profiling systems on the market. Through the use of an innovative competency weighting system, the system can evaluate an applicant’s alignment with critical requirements for any job. Candidates who successfully passed the assessment would then be scheduled for a face-to-face dynamic interview where questions were determined based on their assessment performance. Interviews were to focus on at least three assessment-driven competencies relating to successful job performance. According to Shansky, “We love that DeGarmo houses not only behavior assessments, but also simulation systems. This adds an extra layer of candidate measurement when selecting compatible talent. They also offer valuable metrics to study the behaviors of our talent pool. “

Profile Build

The design of any well-constructed and legally-defensible talent assessment solution begins with a job analysis-based profile build. DeGarmo’s platform offers customization driven by subject matter experts (SMEs) who independently rate the importance of key job behaviors to successful job performance. DeGarmo’s process is designed to understand the drivers of success (and failure) at the behavioral level, based on actual job requirements. Representatives from DeGarmo worked with OCCM to create talent profiles for 21 different roles in the organization. “DeGarmo put a full implementation plan together to collaborate efforts with our organization and HRIS department. The plan involved timeline, scope of integration to ATS, business requirements and needs, and proper end user training’ said Shansky.

“DeGarmo impressed us with their ability to offer hands-on integration with our ATS to allow for a seamless process and a one stop shop for our recruiters.”

  DeGarmo and OCCM representatives also worked cooperatively to ensure that proper workflows were established based on specific role requirements, including the seamless movement of candidates from work style to simulation assessment content where necessary, without the need for recruiter intervention.

Assessment Impact

OCCM has experienced great success with the DeGarmo platform. According to Shansky, “Since implementing DeGarmo, our turnover rates have decreased, and we now have a standard of hire for each position within the company. Prior to DeGarmo, new hires were based on subjectivity. We now have benchmarks for each interviewer which creates consistency and meaningful data within the system.” OCCM has seen the assessments proven to be effective. “When we hire someone outside our process. If we hire someone who is less compatible with a position, their stay rate is far less than that of someone who scored high on one of our assessments” said Shansky. The DeGarmo and OCCM teams worked together to implement an intelligent and efficient talent assessment system. Through their cooperative efforts and execution, it’s clear that OCCM has enjoyed a significant return on its investment in DeGarmo’s platform.

“DeGarmo has helped us identify, develop and benchmark our high potential performers. Talent measurement data is now at the heart of our organization.”


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