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DeGarmo Exceeds Expectations with New Hiring System

Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) is a community based credit union with branches headquartered in Liberty Lake, Washington. It currently has a membership of roughly 100,000 with 450 employees. STCU holds over 1.5 billion in assets and is currently experiencing growth of 15 to 20% per year.



The Challenge

STCU was trying to improve their selection system to better identify applicants who fit the teller position. In the past, a few new hires quit or were terminated during training or within the first two weeks on the job. In addition, STCU wanted to have a formalized, legally defensible selection system operational in anticipation of continued growth.

Assessment Strategy

DeGarmo implemented the Teller Fit Index (TFI) to identify and screen out turnover-prone job applicants during the talent acquisition process. The TFI is part of the Fit Index System, which is a collection of occupation-specific assessments for primarily front-line, customer facing positions, and designed to reduce employee turnover by measuring an applicant’s “tolerance” for various job demands. Additionally DeGarmo implemented a work simulation to identify top performing job candidates. Finally, DeGarmo’s Fit Interview was administered onsite as part of the talent acquisition process by company representatives who were independently certified to facilitate the interview. Candidates recommended from the interview were extended a conditional employment offer.

Assessment Impact

The combination of the Teller Fit Index, work simulation, and Fit Interview had a noticeable reduction in new hires voluntarily leaving during training. In addition, hiring managers are more comfortable with the validity and defensibility of their hiring decisions. According to Laura Wood, Director of Human Resources “We were looking for a better way to simply measure the applicants’ skills. Our new selection system is more than we thought we would find.”

“We were looking for a better way to simply measure the applicants’ skills. Our new selection system is more than we thought we would find.”


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