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Credit Union Assessments Reduce Teller Turnover

Spokane Teacher’s Credit Union (STCU) a credit union with over $2 billion in assets, started out with humble beginnings: a bell, a shoebox, and $4,000 in assets. It might not sound like much, but for Ernie McElvain, a Lewis & Clark High School English teacher, it was enough to launch a remarkable story of financial service. STCU opened for business in October of 1934 with a shoebox for cash deposits and operated out of a small classroom at Lewis & Clark High School with a bell hung outside the second story window with a rope attached that members could use to ring the bell to indicate they were waiting to do business. STCU has now grown to more than 525 employees, serving 135,000 members at 18 branch locations, who has never forgotten that its most valuable assets are its members. download

The Challenge

According to STCU, the teller position had always been the position with the highest turnover. “We first engaged DeGarmo due to the desire to have a way to compare candidates on an equal playing field and felt an assessment was a tool which could provide this for us. We had heard about DeGarmo through a credit union organization and reached out to learn more,” said Delena Smith, Recruitment and Employment Specialist with STCU Human Resources. “It was appealing that DeGarmo had worked with other credit union clients,” noted Smith, “The DeGarmo offering was tailored to our position and for our organization, and having the assessments computer based and results available immediately was also attractive.”

“Our retention rate for individuals hired into the Teller position has been much higher since the implementation of the assessments.”


Assessment Strategy & Key Differentiators

DeGarmo recommended a combination of work style and simulation assessments to measure person-job fit and screen core work skills. The DeGarmo assessment platform is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated candidate profiling systems on the market. Through the use of an innovative competency weighting system, the system can evaluate an applicant’s alignment with critical requirements for any job. “Overall our biggest struggle is technology across all functions and our hope is to move to one HRIS system in the near future,” noted Smith in discussing the biggest challenges they are facing in their assessment process. DeGarmo has helped them address this challenge by creating a process that seamlessly moves candidates through the assessment phases to harness the convenience offered by the computer based technology.

Profile Build

The design of any well-constructed and legally-defensible talent assessment solution begins with a job analysis-based profile build. DeGarmo’s platform offers customization driven by subject matter experts (SMEs) who independently rate the importance of key job behaviors to successful job performance. DeGarmo’s process is designed to understand the drivers of success (and failure) at the behavioral level, based on actual job requirements. According to Smith, “We had our most successful Tellers complete the assessment and the results were used to set benchmarks for future candidates. This was especially helpful to ensure that not only were they bringing the technical skills needed for the position but also cultural and service competencies as well. “

Assessment Impact

STCU has experienced great success with the DeGarmo platform. According to Smith, “We have seen both a reduction in turnover and increased engagement and satisfaction since introducing the assessments. For the Teller Fit specifically, it helps us to identify those individuals who will enjoy the day to day responsibilities of the position. We recognize a Teller position isn’t for everyone and the assessment has helped us to hire, for the most part, those who enjoy this type of position.” DeGarmo and STCU worked together to implement an intelligent and efficient talent assessment system that has helped STCU enjoy a significant return on its investment in DeGarmo’s platform with a greater retention rate of engaged, satisfied employees in the Teller position. Smith specifically mentioned, “The solutions have allowed us to focus on/recognize which candidates will be successful in our particular environment and the areas in which we place emphasis which could differ from another organization or credit union.”

“We’ve been long time customers of DeGarmo and have appreciated the service and commitment to ensuring we understand and are utilizing the solutions we have in place. They have consistently provided strong service levels and continue to enhance the effectiveness of their products along with staying up to date on new offerings as well.”


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