Customer service and collections-based call centers for a residential mortgage servicing organization were suffering from high levels of voluntary employee turnover. Implementation of DeGarmo Group’s talent assessment solutions were effective for slashing turnover and providing greater stability in staffing requirements.

Our client was looking for a talent acquisition strategy to quickly identify candidates for collection agent positions in two U.S. based centers who could perform at higher levels, and would be more likely to remain with the organization for a significant period of time.

The project was organized to study the effectiveness of DeGarmo Group’s assessment solutions across locations and lines of business at the client organization. The company suffered from higher than acceptable rates of voluntary employee turnover. The project was complicated by the variety of different accounts managed by the company, and the varying demands that Customer Service and Collection agents would face depending on the specific accounts they were assigned to serve.

The project was organized to study the effectiveness of DeGarmo Group’s assessment solutions for reducing employee turnover across the company’s collections and customer service call center operations.

The company expressed serious concerns about Customer Service Representative hiring objectives not being met, high turnover, diminishing returns on recruiting efforts, service objectives being compromised and customer satisfaction being in jeopardy. The goals were to build a “World Class” hiring solution, decrease time‐to‐hire, create central talent pool, provide robust metrics, minimize operational burden, and better manage talent relationships.

RCCL was experiencing greater than acceptable rates of voluntary employee turnover. In an effort to help retain more agents, RCCL offered a number of attractive incentives including catered lunches, a fitness center with full‐time fitness instructors, and a free cruise after a year on the job. However, agents were still quitting at a rate of approximately 63% per year. With a center housing 525 agents, that equates to more than 300 people annually.

APAC supports 13,000 employees who operate call centers for large employers. Unfortunately, the organization was wasting millions of dollars hiring the wrong people. Each year, approximately 28,000 employees either quit within months or were fired due to poor performance – equating to roughly a 250% turnover rate. According to the Vice President of Operations Improvement (VPOI), recruiting costs alone totaled $1,200 per hire. Considering training and related costs, the total expense was estimated to be roughly $3,500.

The client organization described in this case study is among the many who are endlessly facing an uphill battle trying to keep call center agents in their seats long enough to simply break even on their training investment. CPAS was dealing with 100% turnover of call center representatives and high recruiting and training costs. Their goal was to increase the effectiveness of the recruiting process, reduce employee turnover rates, reduce recruiting costs, and ensure better customer service by hiring the right type of employees.

Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) was trying to improve their selection system to better identify applicants who fit the teller position. In the past, a few new hires quit or were terminated during training or within the first two weeks on the job. In addition, STCU wanted to have a formalized, legally defensible selection system operational in anticipation of continued growth.